Linda DiCosmo has always loved the art of photography. Born and raised on Staten Island, NY, she had a long and successful career in the financial world. Several years ago, she began to pursue her passion for photography in earnest and is now in the final stages of her first project – on a subject she knows and loves – Staten Island.

Linda has spent the past five years photographing Staten Island. As she wandered the Island, she began to see it in a new light. She re-connected to places she had already known and found wonders she never knew existed. Her question became, “If I, a native Islander, never realized the uniqueness of the Island, how could anyone else know and appreciate Staten Island? Her own internal response was swift, “I will present Staten Island through my eyes in a glossy photography book.”

Drawing upon her preferred photographic styles, night photography, and landscape photography, she developed a portfolio of over 200 images for her soon to be published book.

Linda’s concept for the photography book is to showcase the Island’s rich history, natural wonders, unusual, and unexpectedly exotic places to visit, as well as, its unique culture and way of life. Her photographs include historic and cultural centers such as Borough Hall, the St. George Theatre, and Snug Harbor; organic treasures of its tranquil lakes, parks, and beaches; storybook houses and places which demonstrate the exotic, singular, or whimsical aspects of Staten Island. The book is still under way, and Linda looks forward to publishing her book, and sharing her vision and discoveries with others. Visit www.thestatenislandbook.com for more information.  You may also visit thestatenislandbook on Instagram.  

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