The Grottos of Mount Carmel Shrine


On a secluded street in the old town of Rosebank, the stone grottos of Our Lady of Mount Carmel sit in the yard of the Society of Mount Carmel lodge. It was designed and built by Italian-American lodge members, who were stone masons and laborers. Built as a memorial to a deceased child, the men used the only materials they had: concrete, stones, and metal. They inlaid their creation with seashells, marbles, and bits of glass picked up from streets. Could these artisans have imagined that their stone creation would one day be landmarked?


Not to be missed, the grottos are a spectacular piece of Staten Island folklorica; a peaceful space where “All Are Welcome.”

Freshkills Park

Freshkills Park, Staten Island
Freshkills Park at Sunset

Freshkills Park, Staten Island, an ecological wonder, will someday be 2200 acres of natural spaces, playgrounds, althletic fields, kayaking, horseback riding and other sports.


Autumn at Freshkills Park

The park is being built in phases. The former trash heap has been covered with layers of soil and infrastructure, magically making the park sustainable for wildlife, recreation, science, education, and art.

Right now it is just dreamy at sunset.

Staten Island – South Beach


Who knew Staten Island had so much culture, art, history and architecture? These blog posts will feature some of the many tens of thousands of photos I have taken of this island over the past 5 years. The book is an ongoing personal adventure. It is a book in search of a publisher.

Walking on the sand at South Beach Staten Island, you may come across a white curtained canopy being set up for a wedding. You might even witness the ceremony. South Beach, located a few blocks from the Verrazano Bridge has clear views of the Bridge, the Atlantic Ocean, the borough of Brooklyn and New Jersey. People can picnic, jog, roller skate, bicycle, play softball and bocci ball, or just stroll across the long boardwalk and take a break for some shade under the gazebo.

If you’re curious about this unusual place in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, you can read more about it here.

South Beach, Staten Island – Wedding Canopy ©2018 Linda DiCosmo
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