Staten Island – South Beach


Who knew Staten Island had so much culture, art, history and architecture? These blog posts will feature some of the many tens of thousands of photos I have taken of this island over the past 5 years. The book is an ongoing personal adventure. It is a book in search of a publisher.

Walking on the sand at South Beach Staten Island, you may come across a white curtained canopy being set up for a wedding. You might even witness the ceremony. South Beach, located a few blocks from the Verrazano Bridge has clear views of the Bridge, the Atlantic Ocean, the borough of Brooklyn and New Jersey. People can picnic, jog, roller skate, bicycle, play softball and bocci ball, or just stroll across the long boardwalk and take a break for some shade under the gazebo.

If you’re curious about this unusual place in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge, you can read more about it here.

South Beach, Staten Island – Wedding Canopy ©2018 Linda DiCosmo
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